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Shakespeare in the Age of Populism

Tyrant: Shakespeare on Power by Stephen Greenblatt, London: Bodley Head, 2018; pp 224, `1,615.



Shakespeare Lives!

A tribute to the Bard of Avon who, 400 years after his death, lives on in the varied treatments and interpretations of his oeuvre that straddle cultures and art forms.

Branding Bill

Situating William Shakespeare within the study of brands, this article examines the process and results of Shakespeare-as-brand, which mediates the supply and demand of Shakespearean products whether about his life, his loves, his texts, his editors, and his readers or consumers. Shakespeare as a commons continues to gather cultural capital because of the iterability of the brand in mass/popular forms and media that now possess the maximum cultural legibility (like the graphic novel or Hollywood romance). This is possible even more in the digital age because the Shakespearean page, stage, and image are all available simultaneously on a screen, making Shakespeare an interactive, global archive.

The Sweet Swan of Avon

As the 450th birth anniversary of William Shakespeare passes into history, doubts linger about the motives and authenticity of the world’s best-known playwright.

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