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Mapping Water Scarcity across Major States of India

Water as a basic natural resource plays a critical role in any country’s economic, ecological, and human development. Water is a state subject in India, and the provision of reliable, safe, and sustainable supply of water has emerged as a challenge due to geographical and institutional constraints. The water scarcity in 11 major states is evaluated through 20 variables that capture the multidimensional aspects of scarcity and the water poverty index. The results clearly indicate an alarming situation as these states face medium to severe scarcity. A sensitivity analysis indicates that the most critical variables impacting the water sector include socio-economic and environmental factors.

Water Scarcity Induced Migration

Distress migration has been a regular resort of the poor in less-favoured regions, more so in areas that face chronic water scarcity. This paper looks at the evidence from Gujarat, and examines the impact of watershed development programmes on migration among farm workers from landed as well as landless households.

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