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Calcutta Diary

The parallel with the likes of Silvio Berlusconi is breathtaking: non-Christians, according to the Berlusconis, do not belong to civilisation; the non-Hindus, according to the 'parivar' and its cohorts, are no part of civilisation. In both instances, the uncivilised ones qualify for liquidation. The domestic cognoscenti, however, are one-eyed Jacks. To all appearances they have their hearts in the right place; they have protested against the atrocities perpetrated and being perpetrated in Gujarat. But Gujarat has blotted out Palestine; it has blotted out Venezuela as well.

Venezuela : Hugo Chavez: The Fall and Rise

The overthrow of the government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and its reinstatement has given a new lease of life to the revolutionary processes unleashed since the constitutional victory of 1998 by the Fifth Republic Movement. The aftermath of the recent putsch affords an opportunity for stocktaking.
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