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Preventing a Third World War

Since the end of World War II in 1945, there has been no other year when the possibility of a third world war has been discussed as much as in 2022, mostly in the context of the Ukraine war and United States (US)–Russia relations, but to a much lesser extent also in the context of Taiwan and US–C

Bad News on the Poverty Front

Rural poverty is now four times that of the urban levels, and it accounts for 90% of the nation’s poor.

Sanctions in Ukraine War

This article critically looks at the international sanctions regime in the context of the recent Russia–Ukraine war. It explores the complex power bias of international sanctions, its intricate politics of “otherisation,” the racial tilting of the sanctions regime, making the pathway for limited effectiveness of sanctions.

Ukraine War and the Perils of ‘Self-determination’

The right of “self-determination of the people” is a double-edged sword. It has been used by postcolonial nations to reclaim their territories and economy. The idea has also been exploited by the powerful countries to divide the world on ethnic and religious lines to advance their hegemony through humanitarian interventions.

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