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Terrorism Before and After 9/11

What gives the nation that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that has waged war far from its shores throughout the world on an unprecedented scale and with unprecedented destruction of lands and peoples, the prerogative to define global norms of absolute good and absolute evil?

Timothy McVeighs of the 'Orient'

Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin Laden share cammon ground. The difference, if any, is that the terrorism of the former arises out of moral guilt whereas that of the latter stems from entrenched anger and a profound sense of being a helpless victim, real or otherwise.

Zeroing in on Ground Zero

The terror attacks of September 11 left behind a shaky and suddenly insecure America, living in the constant fear of still more terror attacks. In New York, six months later, the scars still remain, eloquently symbolised by the gaping emptiness and rubble where the Twin Towers once stood, but there are also all too visible signs of recovery, of a coping born out of a city's shared sorrow.

Calcutta Diary

In this hysteria time, not one thought has been spared for the handful of people constituting the suicide squads who took over the planes and deployed them as missiles for destroying the Pentagon and the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Technically, they are mass murderers. But, in their own manner, they were patriots of the first water, who had the grit and courage to sacrifice their lives for the cause they believed in.

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