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Politics : Gone Awry

The six-week long deadlock between the government and the opposition which had paralysed parliament has been resolved at last after the meeting of the prime minister and the leader of the opposition on Monday in the Lok Sabha speaker’s chambers. It would now seem that there will be some semblance of discussion of the union budget for 2001-2002 before it is passed by the Lok Sabha, unlike in the case of the railway budget which was adopted by a voice vote without a debate in an unruly house. The deliberate effort to bring the functioning of parliament to a standstill was shameful, of course. It was also futile in even the pettiest, most short-term political terms.

Corruption as Spectator Sport

While exposing individual acts of corruption is to be lauded, and the guilty deserve to be punished, we need to recognise that this is but a small part of the actions necessary for controlling corruption. We as citizens are ambivalent about corruption and, more than anyone else, politicians have sensed the mixed signals given by the people on corruption. Is it any wonder that they loudly demand the scalp of the corrupt while quietly ignoring the systemic reforms essential for controlling corruption?

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