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Countering Fundamentalism

Given its fundamentalist rhetoric, it would be surprising if SIMI's attacks on other faiths and its strident championing of the dream of an Islamist Khilafat would not have further exacerbated communal tensions in those parts of the country where it is active. But if the government is serious about countering organisations like SIMI it would do well to turn its attention to redressing the growing alienation and insecurity of Muslims in the country which provide fertile ground for these organisations to take root and for their propaganda to fall on receptive ears.

Kanpur : Spreading Poison

It has been over 10 days since the riots in Kanpur killed several people and destroyed property valued in crores. Though numbers vary as to the exact number killed, the administration now accepts that most of the victims were Muslims. It was they, as the minority community in this once booming textile centre, who sustained immense losses as rioters, including allegedly some elements of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC), ran riot in minority-dominated areas of the city. Yet there has been no move so far on the part of the BJP-dominated state government to set up an enquiry commission to look into what started it all off.

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