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Urbanisation and Development of Rural Small Enterprises

This article attempts to seek a relationship between urbanisation and the development of small rural firms, using West Bengal as a case study. Small industrialisation is found to be directly related to the degree of urbanisation, and there is a clear urban concentration of small enterprises in West Bengal. Infrastructure and services are mainly confined to a small region and rural industrialisation has not been promoted. Government investment on rural infrastructure is essential to promote the rural non-agricultural sector in the backward districts.

Industrial Slowdown and Small-Scale Sector

A preliminary survey of small-scale industrial units in and around Pune shows that a large proportion of them have suffered a fall in sales, to which they have responded by cutting down labour but only rarely by reducing wages.

Phasing Out of Import Licensing

It has been suggested that there will only be a marginal increase in import demand as a consequence of removal of quantitative restrictions (QRs) on imports. But the problem needs to be viewed on a selective basis, since certain industries are likely to be hurt because of their peculiar circumstances. Action to redress the situation has also to be taken on a selective basis.
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