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Sectarian Appeal Judgment -- Interpreting Representation of the People Act to its Intended Effect

​Supreme Court’s judgment on sectarian appeals during election campaigns interprets the Representation of the People Act, 1951 correctly and to its intended effect. The dissenting judgment conflated the substance of the appeal with the identity of the person who is making it, and did not address the scope of the case. The majority judgment’s regulation of election speech is not only necessary to ensure free and fair elections and uphold the secular ethos of the Constitution, but also needed to fulfil the constitutional goal of fraternity. 

Religion - Politics Separation - Some Thoughts on Proposed Legislation

The two bills purporting to prevent abuse of religion for electoral purposes need not be rejected on the grounds on which they are being assailed by the BJP: However, the proposed constitutional amendment is superfluous and should be withdrawn. The amendments to the Representation of the People Act deserve support, subject to two changes.  

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