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Autonomous Regulation and Regulatory Risk

The Ministries of Railways and Coal have recently opened up their passenger train and commercial coal mining segments to private participation. With this, there is a growing clamour for setting up independent sectoral regulators for these sectors. This article argues that railways and coal would be better off “regulating by contract” or that the independent sectoral regulators in related sectors may be given the regulatory responsibility of railways and coal, respectively.


A Genuine Effort to Chronicle the Mughalpura Workers’ Movement

Revolution in Reform: Trade-Unionism in Lahore, c 1920–1970 by Ahmad Azhar, New Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2019; pp xiv + 248, `795 (hardcover).

Night of the Murdered Poets

Microaggression and Poetry in a Local Train In these poems set in and about trains, the Indian Railways shows potential as a site of modernity, but instead becomes the site of microaggression and violence.

Railways : Twisted Tracks

When the arithmetic is all done and the rhetoric has worn out, what emerges is an annual plan for the railways, not directed at growth but increasing distress. All the current signals are that railway minister Mamata Banerjee’s attempts to garner popular support through gimmickry is likely to boomerang. She has over the last two years constructed tracks, which will lead the railways to increasing disarray and oblivion. Even the moderately budget-literate members of her constituencies – the ordinary Indian who is being provided with “travel opportunity” at “affordable rates” and the housewives whose budget has been spared any increase due to hike in freight charges on salt, grains and pulses, sugar, fruits and vegetables, urea, edible oil, kerosene and LPG – will realise that running an enterprise like the railways requires an adequate income for overall, long-term development. Banerjee’s ‘housewife’ will know that if one is not to become dependent on the local moneylender, resources have to be generated in-house no matter how difficult that may sound. Such wisdom has not come the way of the railway minister.

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