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PokhranSubscribe to Pokhran

Scientists and Pokhran: An Untold Story

Nucleus and Nation: Scientists, International Networks, and Power in India by Robert S Anderson (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press), 2010; pp xxvi + 683, $60 (cloth).

Critical Options

India’s Nuclear Security edited by Raju G C Thomas and Amit Gupta; Vistaar Publications, New Delhi, 2000; pp 323, Rs 595 (hardbound).

Developing the Anti-Nuclear Movement

We now have a national network of anti-nuclear groups who have come together to work on common objectives. But if the antinuclear movement is to progress then the different groups have to find ways of working together which do not simply respect their differences but also institutionalise discussion of differences so as to move towards overcoming them wherever possible. Where this is not possible, it is necessary to think of ways which can creatively advance the groups' common positions. Some proposals.

Li Peng's India Visit:Ritual and Reality

Amidst the 'before' and 'after' of Li Peng's visit and the omissions and commissions of the rhetorical exercises, the impression is unmistakable that Sino-Indian relations are not moving at the pace they could or ought to.

Pokhran Tests and Memories of Emergency

Just a year after Pokhran I Internal Emergency was declared in the country. Then too as now, the ruling leadership in New Delhi needed some 'shock treatment' to bring disgruntled elements in line. And again, then, as now, the business classes were talking of a 'national government' and of the need to review the Constitution.

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