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Radiation Effect on Public

A rejoinder to the article “Impact of Natural Background Radiation on Health: Understanding the Debate” by T S Krishnan, Annapureddy Rama Papi Reddy and M V Ramana is brought out to ensure that the public at large is provided with a more scientifically correct and balanced perspective. The state­ment that any expansion of nuclear plants would result in deleterious effects on public health leads to building up an unnece­ssary and irrational fear of radiation in the minds of the public.


Impact of Natural Background Radiation on Health

High natural background radiation is a constant presence in the lives of those inhabiting some coastal regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. While there is agreement about the existence of radiation, some studies claim that it has no impact on the health of the population, while others disagree. There is a need to examine these findings critically, because of implications for public health, and to understand some of the technical reasons for why some papers appear to find no support for evidence (lack of statistical significance) of impact on health due to high levels of background radiation.

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