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Pushpa: The Rise: Circulation of Marginal Hypermasculinity

Telugu cinema's presence in India has become ubiquitous with dubbing and remaking of Telugu films in all regional language film industries. It has been established that, in India, youth use film and its stars as aspirations of ideal practice and performance of masculinity and femininity. The recent Telugu film Pushpa: The Rise featuring one of the Tollywood superstars, Allu Arjun, has been the most popular film since the end of the last year. With the rising popularity of the film's male lead, this paper examines the particularities of Tollywood masculinity in the figure of Pushpa. The paper attempts to unravel the marginal masculinities of Pushpa to fight marginalisation. Moreover, the paper also tries to understand whether his struggles establish an alternative to hegemonic masculinity. The paper also charts the representation of femininity in relation to masculinity.

Marginal Girlhood: Caste, Girl Child and the Trope of Empowerment

In the wake of the reported rape and murder of a 9-year-old Dalit girl in the metropolitan capital of Delhi, it is paramount to discuss marginal girlhood. Marginal girlhood refers to alternative accounts of non-hegemonic girlhood which does not find a voice in mainstream literature and the story of the girl. Commentators on social media conveniently refer to her being a “girl-child” rather than a Dalit to dismiss the specificity of instances of caste violence against Dalit girls. This pushes the public rhetoric into a pitfall which increases the probability of misidentifying caste-based violence as gender-based violence. The fact that Dalit girls are the most vulnerable among an already marginalised group due to their caste location remains incontrovertible. The Brahminical lineage of the history of the girl child alludes to why we are robbed of a language which can effectively capture the gravitas of this case.

The Pandemic and Its Discontents in India

India and the Pandemic: The First Year, Essays from The India Forum by The India Forum, 2021; Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan; pp xvii + 335, `695.


Life at the Margins of Salt and Desperation: A Photo Essay

The lives of the Agariyas are filled with trials and tribulations, and every day, they wake up with a hope for a better life.
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