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On Management of Culture and Things Like That

There are two major bodies mainly of writers and theatre people to 'manage' the affairs relating to literature and theatre in the land of the Marathas. It is less than clear what exactly these organisations do. The net result is that the establishment seems to rule supreme.

Odyssey of a Poem

The odyssey of a poem published in a Marathi little magazine almost 20 years ago has landed us in a moment of guilty introspection.

Driving a Coach-and-Four Over The Village Cart and Gaav-Gada

T N Atre's Gaav-Gada has been justly celebrated as a Marathi language classic from the point of view of diction and style. Also, Atre must be considered the first author, after Jotirao Phule, to attempt to make the educated urbanite aware of the problems of the farmer by way of a full-length book. The core theme of Atre's book is the disastrous social and moral consequences of a medieval socio-economic system and mindset lingering on into the early decades of the 20th century. This moral degeneration, according to Atre, is the progeny of the vatan system and his book is an invocation to get rid of the vatan system and the hold of the vatan mentality induced by it and to embrace the modern economic order of the market.

Gaav Gada

Without going into the merits of R Deshmukh’s English translation of the Marathi book Gaav Gada, it must be said that the review of the translation by Deena Khatkhate (December 15) is grossly unfair to the original book.

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