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Hub-and-spoke Cartels

The current approach adopted by the judicial bodies in dealing with the hub-and-spoke conspiracies is evaluated and compared with the development of the jurisprudence in foreign jurisdictions. The inhibitions faced by the judicial bodies due to a lack of maturity of the laws are also looked at.

Liquor Tragedies : Many-Sided Problem

More than 22 people have died and over a 100 are in hospital after drinking illicit liquor bought from a licensed liquor vend in Noida near Delhi. The administration’s response – sympathetic noises and belated and ineffective police action against the culprits – is part of a script that has run many times in many places with small variations. Only last month in another liquor tragedy, in UP this time, the scenario was much the same, as it was in recent similar episodes in Chennai and Kerala. In fact the sameness of the circumstances is so remarkable that one wonders why there has not been any attempt to look at the problem more comprehensively.
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