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Qualifications of Opposition Unity

The action of disqualifi cation fi ts the pattern of selective targeting of opposition leaders.

Religious Polarisation Outweighs Ethnic Mobilisation

The Assam assembly elections continued the trend towards deepening of religious polarisation in the state. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s alliance strategy helped in retaining its hold over the ethnic base that had shifted to the party in 2016.

‘Right to Represent’ versus ‘Right to Representation’

Holding the executive accountable, a constitutional respon­sibility, seems to be set aside again in the recently concluded monsoon session of Parliament.

The Enigma of the 2019 Parliamentary Elections in Telangana

The first Lok Sabha election results after the formal creation of Telangana and its wider implications for both state and national politics are assessed. Coming as it did, within a few months of the state assembly polls, the electorate in the state made a clear distinction between the earlier state election verdict and the present verdict in the national election. What factors contributed to this change and what are the implications for the politics in the state?

No Country for Transgenders?

More than a year after the historic passage of the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014 in the Rajya Sabha, attacks on the lives and dignity of transgender persons continue with impunity. The lack of political will is clear as the government attempts to push for a heavily diluted legislation in place of the Rajya Sabha-sanctioned long-suffering community.

The Speaker's Election

In spite of the anti-communal rhetoric of the opposition, Manohar Joshi walked to the Lok Sabha speaker's chair in all royal glory. To have put a Shiv Sena man in that seat right when the communal carnage is going on in Gujarat is, to say the least, a tragic mockery. The opposition has a lot to answer for.

Calcutta Diary

To justify the grave improprieties it has committed, the Eleventh Finance Commission falls back on a minor entry in the Constitution which permits the commission to consider any other matter referred to it by the president in the interests of sound finance. But such issues as withholding a part of grants-in-aid to a state, the setting up of an Incentive Fund, and the formation of a monitoring agency to oversee the implementation of the so-called fiscal reforms were not a part of the original terms of reference for the commission; nor were these issues raised at all in the original report. The commission's second report has without question been written to order: the ministry ordained, the commission complied.

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