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The Wealth of Corporations

“Financial Assets = Liabilities.” It is one of the great accounting-identity truisms of economic understanding both among traditional, mainstream economists, and even (especially) among many heterodox, “accounting based” practitioners. It seems obvious—when a company issues and sells bonds, it...

Theoretical Analysis of ‘Demonetisation’

With the aid of simple theoretical tools used in classroom lectures, the implications of the recent “demonetisation” exercise in India are analysed. It lends support to conclusions reached by other authors on the impact of demonetisation with the aid of available data. Following Robert Lucas’s Nobel lecture, the merits of economic policies that assume the form of random shocks to an economic system are questioned.

Bright Prospect for Hindalco

The seventh Annual Report and Accounts of Hindustan Aluminium Co. Ltd. have been published about 28 weeks after the end of the accounting period. The Directors' Report explains the reasons for the delay, but one is left with the impression that with advance planning and accelerating the accounting procedures the accounts could have been published earlier.
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