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Sociopolitical Reading of a Tragedy in Kerala

Renewing the renaissance project with a socially egalitarian and secularising thrust is an urgent task.

Left Resurgence in Latin America

In this episode of Research Radio we speak to Tathagatan Ravindran about the rising ‘pink tide’ in Latin America based on his papers in EPW titled “ Bolivia at the Crossroads ”, “ Neo-liberal Restoration at the Barrel of a Gun: Dissecting the Racist Coup in Bolivia ”, “ Return of the Left in Bolivia: Social Movements and Popular Power ”, and “ The Left Victory in Colombia: From Resistance to Power ” . He discusses the Left victories and struggles in Latin America and his own experiences of watching these unfold. Subscribe to Research Radio to stay tuned to our entire season. Do listen to our...

The Left Victory in Colombia

Against the backdrop of a long history of armed confl ict between the left guerrillas on the one hand and the state and right-wing paramilitary forces on the other, the repressive machinery of the Colombian state, the oligarchy and the fact of Colombia being the staunchest ally of the United States in the region, the electoral victory of the left represents a great shift in the Colombian political land scape and the political common sense of the Colombian people.

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