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Extreme Flooding Events and Land Cover Change

Land use change through developmental activities and deforestation is widely regarded as the primary driver of extreme flood events. This perception is typical of a reading of disasters influenced by environmentalism.

Environment : Paying for Change

Quite apart from the many other implications of the revised Kyoto Protocol finally agreed upon, developing countries may have to contend with a paucity of funding for the kind of technological change that would be needed to fulfil the Protocol’s objectives. It would make sense then to invest in developing environmentally sound technologies (EST), including those which would bring down the emissions of greenhouse gases. So what is the availability of such technologies currently? What in fact is the status of publicly-funded research and development activity in India?

Salvaging Climate Pact

The Kyoto Protocol, a UN treaty on climate change,very nearly given up as dead by even its most ardent promoters when US president George Bush abandoned it, has received a fresh lease of life in Bonn this week at the latest session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC-COP6) or the climate change conference. But how significant a contribution it will make, with its limited agreement and minus the US, to reducing greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, remains to be seen. Would the cause of global warming have been better served, for instance, if the Kyoto agreement had been allowed a quiet burial and work begun between individual countries on trading schemes and carbon taxes in its place?

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