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Having preached for so long the mantra of Kashmir being an integral and inalienable part of India and international meddling in the matter was not on, to agree to the American proposal is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. It might well have serious electoral implications in view of the BJP's dismal performance in the recent series of elections.

Tryst with Fate

The origins of the tension between India and Pakistan go beyond diplomatic imperatives, as each country is keen to pose itself as America's lead ally in the region. This paper while situating the relationship between the two nations against the backdrop of new American imperalism, argues that the conflict will remain unresolved until its very terms and those defining partition, the relationships between communities too, are revisited.

Security Policy: Enemy of Democracy

In its response to recent events in Kashmir and elsewhere, the Indian government's security policy reveals a distorted approach. In its bid to end terrorism, a heightened perception of threat has seen an ever-increasing budgeting on security and defence. Ironically, it has also fostered a scenario when the state itself turns persecutor, making victims of its own citizens.

Death in Kashmir

Abdul Ghani Lone, the Hurriyat leader and chairman of the People's Conference, was assassinated in Srinagar on May 21, 2002 during a gathering commemorating the death anniversary of his friend, the Kashmiri leader, Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq, also slain by assassins 12 years ago. What follows is an outspoken and detailed interview given by Lone to the writer. The interview, published here for the first time, took place at Lone's residence in Srinagar in June 2001. Lone addresses frankly the 'colonial attitudes' of India and Pakistan toward Kashmir and the ways in which the Kashmir policies of both countries have consistently failed the people of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muslims in Delhi

Kashmiris who travel to Delhi each year in pursuit of a livelihood report a sense of insecurity and vulnerability during their stay, apart from ceaseless harassment by the police.

The First War with Pakistan

War and Diplomacy in Kashmir 1947-48 by C Dasgupta; Sage Publications, Delhi, 2002; pp 239, Rs 250.

Western Alarmism and Indo-Pak Tensions

Orientalist hallucinations do not fully explain the psychological war that the western establishment and media have unleashed as India-Pakistan tensions have risen. Two calculated motives come across as important causes for the 'nuclear war' bogey.

Kashmir: Lone's Liberal Legacy

Abdul Gani Lone's assassination is likely to have a profound impact on the movement towards a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. For, despite the multiplicity of actors representing mainstream politics and militant organisations, there are not many who have the capacity and the dynamism to respond to the local sensitivities in the way he could

An Indian in Pakistan

Some impressions of Pakistan of an Indian from a five-month stay there.


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