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The Humanisation of Hazards

Disaster Studies: Exploring Intersectionalities in Disaster Discourse edited by Janki Andharia, Springer Nature, 2020; pp 462, 139.

Environmental Injustice and Public Health in India: Towards a “Decolonial Intersectional Environmental Justice” Framework

This article examines the current inadequacy of environmental policies in protecting the ecology and health of the public, especially among the socially marginalised sections in India and argues for a “decolonial intersectional environmental justice” approach in framing and implementing inclusive environmental policies in India. This article argues that in the acute environmental health crisis, the government should provide research grants not only to environmental and natural scientists but also involve social scientists in research and formulating innovative policies that can lead to a better ecosystem and could provide environmental justice to the people living at the margins.

#MeToo: An International Conversation on Sexual Violence Impacting Feminist Discourse Across Borders

This article looks at the linkages between popular mobilisations against violence with a focus on the specific mobilisation of the #MeToo Movement that addresses a form of violence against women—sexual harassment. It traces the emergence of a new activism that is based on access to and use of social media as a platform for change and its outcomes.

Writing the History of the Invisible

We Also Made History: Women in the Ambedkarite Movement by Urmila Pawar and Meenakshi Moon

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