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What Do Our Cities Need to Become Inclusive Smart Cities?

Despite the Indian government’s interest in building smart cities, little thought has been given to how the participation of citizens in the process of building inclusive smart cities can be enhanced. The article examines the case of Hyderabad and argues that cities need to create avenues to enhance close interaction among various players in the quadruple-helix model and promote citizen-driven interventions.

Metropolitan Recession as Impetus for Globalisation

With the development of local capacity in the rest of the world, recession in the metropolitan countries, by increasing the emphasis on cost-cutting to raise margins in the struggle for market share, intensifies the tendency to shift whole sections of manufacturing and even office processes to cheaper locations, thus lengthening recession and weakening recovery.

ICTs in Rural Poverty Alleviation

Social structures are crucial in determining who is able to access any technology and use it beneficially. While making new information and communication technologies (ICTs) cheap will make them more accessible to the poor, there will be other factors which determine their impact. The current low penetration of ICTs is a reflection of the digital divide in overcoming which there is no way to bypass a confrontation of low educational levels, which itself is linked to landlessness.

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