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A Critical Budget

The Budget for 2001-2002 was particularly critical in view of the quite dismal picture of the economy painted in the government's own Economic Survey. It was important for the government to give policy directions through the budget in order that the economy can meet the challenges that it faces in the integrating world economy. How far has this been done?

Engineera : Learning Nothing from MCI

In what seems like a fit of overenthusiasm, the central government has reportedly decided to evolve a code of ethics for engineers and to mandate registration of all practising engineers. To monitor such measures, a council of sorts has been proposed. This is in response to what is being seen as a dereliction of duty on the part of the construction community in Ahmedabad and elsewhere in Gujarat resulting in avoidable earthquake deaths and destruction. Certainly a move to be applauded. At least the spirit which has prompted such a radical measure to ensure the safety of people is to be commended. But in its energetic preoccupation with mandates, the government may be missing the wood for the trees.

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