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Tracing the Geographies of Inequality in India

Spatial, that is, geographic inequalities are growing in India and other countries. Some countries are better provided with services, infrastructure, and earning opportunities. States matter and the urban–rural difference is salient to these distinctions. However, locating the geographies of advantage and disadvantage requires going below the level of states and beyond the binary of urban–rural distinction. A sevenfold classification of districts is offered to help in visualising overlapping disadvantages. It reveals important differences in living conditions and is a first effort to go beneath the urban–rural dichotomy.

Knowledge and Global Inequality

This paper seeks to explain the nature and basis of inter-country income inequality in the contemporary global capitalist economy. It characterises the current structure of the world economy as a combination of knowledge monopolies, which also become monopsonies, largely located in the headquarter economies of the global North, with producer companies largely based on commoditised knowledge in the supplier economies of the global South.

Market-induced Global Inequalities

Excessive dependence on markets can result in even greater inequality and warped outcomes. 

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