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Eyeless in Gaza

Israeli military actions in the narrow strip of land that is Gaza have deliberately created “human debris” of the people living in it. The significant aspects of the terrible conditions of Gaza are a denial of Palestinian statehood, continuing Israeli military occupation and, most importantly, refugee status that stretches back to the past of the Nakba.


Ushering in a New Age

1947: Where Now Begins by Elisabeth Åsbrink, translated from Swedish by Fiona Graham, New York: Other Press, 2017; $16.99 (Kindle edition).

Tribulation before Trial in Cambodia

The human, political and economic catastrophe Cambodia witnessed during the Khmer Rouge years continues to haunt the country. Even as the trial of the former leaders of Khmer Rouge awaits royal assent, the controversy over bringing the criminals to book remains mired in political wrangles, legal concerns, divisions among the survivors and new interventions by the UN and foreign governments. The saga of the trials also exposes the value, perversions and uncertainties that accompany retrospective justice for mass murder.

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