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Palestine : Multiple Faces of Intifada

Now entering its sixth month, the 'Al-Aksa Intifada' as it has been baptised by the Palestinian leadership has changed many aspects of the confrontation with the Israeli occupation. With Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel, the uprising faces even more tests and challenges.

West Asia : To Square One

Ariel Sharon’s dream finally became a reality when early this month he won an impressive mandate to become Israel’s new prime minister, defeating incumbent Ehud Barak. Barak was flayed for his inability to hold true to his promise to bring peace and end the renewed ‘intifada’ by the Palestinians, despite his increasing – to some Israelis, alarming – concessions to the Palestinians. Yet three weeks and more into office, Sharon still finds the cobbling together of his government of national unity, comprising Labour and Likud, an elusive task. Factions within both Likud and Labour are agreed that a joint government would only seek an interim accord with the Palestinians, not a final peace deal. That leaves Sharon with few options.
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