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The Game of Disarming the Unarmed: The Other Side of ‘Solution Aversion’

The proponents of the “Prohibition Treaty” are under the delusion that one by one each of the NWS would unilaterally decide to eliminate its stockpile of nuclear weapons and become a signatory to the treaty. However, the truth is there is not an iota of hope that any of the present nine nuclear weapon states would unilaterally disarm; the perverse logic of nuclear deterrence precludes any such possibility. Nuclear risk reduction, gradual diminution, and ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons are step by step processes. They are achievable only through mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral agreements that are enforceable and verifiable.

Developing the Anti-Nuclear Movement

We now have a national network of anti-nuclear groups who have come together to work on common objectives. But if the antinuclear movement is to progress then the different groups have to find ways of working together which do not simply respect their differences but also institutionalise discussion of differences so as to move towards overcoming them wherever possible. Where this is not possible, it is necessary to think of ways which can creatively advance the groups' common positions. Some proposals.

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