The hanging of Yakub Memon betrays the trust of the Indian state in his return of the wealth of information he had provided against the perpetrators of the Bombay bomb blasts of 1993.
Our biological propensity to fictionalise the world makes reality a shared belief, not a fact or a mere aggregation of experiences.
The stereotypical image of women—including those in science—as sentimental beings with strong notions of sacrifice and duty is unquestionably heteropatriarchal.
An account of a personal encounter with Gregory Pardlo, the American poet who won the 2015 Pulitzer prize in poetry for his collection Digest.
Watching films in air-conditioned theatres these days is an experience bereft of the sweaty pleasures of the days of yore, according to a long-time cinemagoer.
The Delhi Metro’s warning against “suspicious persons” is a sorry comment on the dangers of racial profiling and stereotyping in the fight against terror.
The internationally acclaimed traditional art form of kalamkari fabric design and production is in danger of extinction.


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