The Olympic motto in Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger” may well bring on a paroxysm of passion as sports fans argue over which is the best sport in the world.
As the state promotes the predominant use of Hindi, there is a danger of India slowly becoming a one-language nation sans a multilingual and federal identity.
Kocharethi, the award-winning work by Narayan, Kerala’s first tribal novelist, portrays the lives, triumphs and tribulations of the Malayarayar tribal community of Kerala in the 20th century.
Despite lustrous technique and cinematography, the recent Hindi film Masaan is burdened with specious premises of caste, gender and geography.
An elaborate ritual on Deepavali day in the Jagatipatt temple at Naggar in Himachal Pradesh unveils energy, religious fervour and good-fellowship.
Commandeering, often abusive, sometimes loquacious, the drunken patriarch was never apologetic about his station in life as a low-caste sweeper.
The Economics of Land Acquisition The orchestrated opposition to the Land Acquisition Bill is the final nail on the lid of the coffin of Development. The last fig leaf hitherto employed to cover the...


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