As a society, the Japanese exhibit exquisite politeness and immeasurable hospitality in the manner in which they deal with visitors and guests.
At his death bed He said ‘I have no beef with you Dear neighbours Just an advice To think twice, nay, thrice Before you peer into someone’s plate Or ask his name to judge his faith And relegate to an...
Subsidies It is very hard for the theorist to make his voice heard above the raucous din of the uncultured voices that emanate from the underworld of a gaggle of radical elements who systematically...
As far as teacher training in higher education is concerned, the University Grants Commission seems to have got it all wrong.
The Olympic motto in Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger” may well bring on a paroxysm of passion as sports fans argue over which is the best sport in the world.
As the state promotes the predominant use of Hindi, there is a danger of India slowly becoming a one-language nation sans a multilingual and federal identity.
Kocharethi, the award-winning work by Narayan, Kerala’s first tribal novelist, portrays the lives, triumphs and tribulations of the Malayarayar tribal community of Kerala in the 20th century.


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