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He wants to be a billionaire’s wife, he says, in his next life. Taken care of. Without a care in the world. Sitting across from me, giggling. Trying to get a rise. Face alive with irrepressible...
Odia film Bhoka highlights the fissures in a fractured society, exploring the struggle for survival in a pandemic of hunger.
Contemporary films are eliminating supernatural characteristics and motivations for their villains and bringing them closer to real life.
Kantara touches upon critical aspects of culture, economy and polity, but is undone by its male centricity.
Reading the Delhi Metro on a regular afternoon as a text lays bare the deeply casteist and elitist nature of urban policy.
To assume that a Bahujan with higher education and some material wealth is as privileged as their forward-caste peers with generations of social capital and privilege is an oversimplification.
Gulzar’s Green Poems tries to challenge human ascendancy on nature by developing an environmental ethics.
Rahul Sankrityayan’s Bhojpuri play Mehrarun ke Durdasa is a timeless commentary on the perils of being a woman in the restrictive rural heartland of North India.


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