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Rescripting Inner Narratives

It is important to listen to the stories we tell others and ourselves as they have a deep bearing on our identities.

Lending a Voice to Baahubali

The film Chopsticks initiates a conversation on where our food comes from, drawing attention to the commercial breeding and commodification of animals for human consumption.

The Paan on My Plate

Brought to India from the tea estates of Sri Lanka, paan is a humble bread that tells the story of Indian Tamils who migrated to Ceylon as indentured labour.

A Rendezvous with Art and Silence

Art, bolstered by the silence afforded by galleries, ushers us not just into a cosmos created by the artist, but also into our own selves, dropping all pretence.

What’s Urban Transport Planning Got to Do with Train Vendors?

Studying the labour-lives of women vendors on Mumbai’s local trains can have far-reaching consequences for urban transport planning.

Political Consciousness in the Diaspora

To effect political change in the diaspora, the conversation needs to move beyond cultural appropriation and representation in pop culture.

Delayed Recognition

Parasite’s sweep at the 92nd Academy Awards is a long-overdue recognition of a film industry that has consistently been provocative and edgy, encouraging prodigious talent like the auteur Bong Joon-ho.


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