The fiction of Jean Rhys is a good setting to locate a critique of the present-day liberal feminist project, which is so deeply enmeshed in models of positive thinking, that all space for failure is...
Wall art lends colour, humour, and dynamism to our politics, while reiterating our constitutional rights.
As thousands of trees are felled in Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony in the name of “development,” a film-maker offers a deeply personal take to argue that it is not just the city’s green cover, but also...
A former student recalls the generosity, vision and philosophical theses of lawyer and scholar Shamnad Basheer.
Why are women routinely excluded from knowledge domains—especially in the sciences, but also in the arts and humanities?
Birthed from the same radical anti-caste politics, the narratives of the novel and the film Samskara take slightly different political positions, exposing the subtle cracks and gaps in the...


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