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A single letter in the name of a university leads to many laughs and some fiascos even decades later.
My father died during the second wave of COVID-19. He was a schoolteacher at the local primary school in town and taught mathematics to young students. A devout Muslim, he never missed the compulsory...
Could the pandemic-led distancing of the researcher from their field herald a new epistemic turn in the social sciences?
India’s already booming ghost-hunting scene saw an increase in reports of haunting and paranormal activity during the pandemic.
It is as if each of us possesses an ever-expanding mental gallery where we keep adding aterial—images, memories, and thoughts that are “us.”
From the dynamic maze of bustling international diplomacy to a serene village in coastal Odisha, climate change is central to Kalira Atita .
Economic & Political Weekly · Joy Is Not Made To Be A Crumb Mary Oliver said, joy is not made to be a crumb But she didn’t tell me how. I grew up in a city Making myself smaller and smaller...
How intrinsic is the element of cost to the idea of gift-giving?
The course of historical injustice and feudal-led colonisation in Kalahandi remains uncorrected through a structural exclusion of the marginalised.


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