ISSN (Print) - 0012-9976 | ISSN (Online) - 2349-8846


Venu Yeldandi’s film Balagam explores death, ritual, and community support in Telangana’s marginalised Sabbanda community.
Secure employment in higher education is increasingly difficult to find, especially for women.
Kaleidoscope stands out for narrating a single story using multiple episodes that can be watched in any manner or order, pushing the boundaries of non-linearity.
Squid Game’s subtle commentary on sociocultural morality and its meme-worthiness struck a chord with audiences across the diverse Asian landscape.
Suit adds to the discourse on caste through its comic format depicting neo-casteist ideologies undergirding (urban) social systems.
Dominant urban voices that speak for the rights of animals often do not consider the plight and rights of indigenous communities who share space with the animal world.
The highly skilled display of fireworks during the Vedikkettu festival brings up concerns around safety, environmental impact, and animal welfare.
The once-derided culinary tradition of Bangal refugees from East Pakistan is slowly gaining acceptance and pride of place in popular culture and gastronomical writing.
One antidote to climate doomism is highlighting the importance of collective action and a non-zero sum perspective in combating climate change.


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