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Water Crisis and Rainfall Changes in rainfall patterns have been held to be responsible for the emerging chronic water shortages even in sub-humid areas. Is this really the case? 1416 Job Profiles in 1990s There are apprehensions among planners and academics that the strategy of economic liberalisation and structural adjustment would result in unemployment in rural areas accelerating migration to urban areas. Taking into consideration the changes in the system of urban governance and the attempts at commercialisation of infrastructure, an analysis of trends and types of employment for the 1990s in rural and urban areas. 1399 Weaving a Myth The prescriptions of the high-powered committee on the handloom industry, mainly harping an export-oriented strategy, if taken seriously, will make handlooms a thing of the past, to be preserved in museums. 1381 'Then' and 'Now' Can popular memory exist autonomously from the elite structures in society in 'pure' and 'unadulterated' forms? What relevance does this have for the social historian? Recording aspects of popular memory in Orissa by weaving together information on colonial and post-1947 periods. 1391 Ways of Seeing The perception of the other for example the tribal other, is dependent on the subject who perceives. Immersed in western metaphysical epistemology, anthropologists fail to see the importance of recognising epistemological systems in which the subjective plays the central part. 1406 Unsound Suggestion The recommendations of the CAC committee to remove market segmentation should be examined in the light of the fact that the money market remained generally unaffected after the CRB scam indicating that current policy of retaining market segmentation has worked well. 1373 Not so relevant Instead of seeking to get the government to evolve a balanced energy policy and a reasonable mechanism for ensuring that national interests are protected, the left has chosen to take up the relatively irrelevant issue of hike in oil prices. 1385 Righting Wrongs The conviction of a Bosnian Serb police reservist by the International Criminal Tribunal recently is a landmark verdict. 1389 Far from Tranquil The local bodies' election in Sri Lanka only served to indicate the unrest under the layer of calm prevailing in the country. 1388 Sea Change With Tony Blair's bonding to the world of Murdoch it is hard to see the continuity between new Labour and old. 1387 Missing the Whole Loss of credibility of left writings amongst the elite does not mean a loss of objectivity, but only 'elite intolerance' of the deeper dynamics of society. 1426 ECONOMIC ANO POLITICAL WEEKLY Hitkari House 284 Shahid Bhagatsingh Road, Mumbai 400 001

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