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March 5, 1994 Render unto Caesar... Since it has always viewed with mistrust the totalising claims of traditional religions, secularism must apply that mistrust to all totalising claims made in its name or on its behalf. A secular perspective is not committed to the exclusion of religion from every sphere of, life or even every important sphere of it. In yielding to totalising claims, secularism damages the prospects for the establishment and growth of secular ideas and institutions. 559 Poorest of the Poor While consumption inequalities among rural and urban households for various expenditure classes have been studied, there has been little effort to compare the consumption levels of scheduled caste and tribe households with those of other households in urban and rural sectors. A look at inequality in consumption expenditure between scheduled caste and tribe households and other households in Assam, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal, using data from the 38th Round of the National Sample Survey. 567 Davos Smile Those who are drawing the inference from Narasimha Rao's airy-fairy talk of a 'middle way', at Davos that the prime minister now realises that some revision of the economic reform policies is called for are indulging in wishful thinking or, worse, engaging in deception. 529 The budget for 1994-95 will show whether the prime minister's speech at Davos about pursuing a 'middle way' in economic policy was mere rhetoric. 525 Tired Discipline The decade of the 1980s should have belonged to sociology, with the nation facing a critical mass of acute problems that were primarily social rather than economic But why has the vitality and originality of the discipline been at a low ebb precisely at a time of unprecedented opportunity? 575 Matter of Definition By fashioning 'nation' and 'nationalism' to include only the dominant classes and their interests, protest against mega projects which will benefit only these classes become by definition 'anti-national'. 537 Human Righto Left and progressive forces have to address themselves to the task of deriving and consolidating as much advantage as possible as long as the slogan of human rights continues to be fashionable in establishment circles. 530 Instead of questioning the integrity of organisations such as Asia . Watch and Amnesty International when they produce reports on human rights violations in the country, a more mature response would be to engage them in serious dialogue. 527 Communal Violence Can communal violence be blamed just on the machinations of the 'Sangh parivar' or are ther? deeprooted factors at work? Can the violence be attributed to economic interests posing as religious ones? A study of the communal riots of October 1990 in Bijnor in western UP 551 New Guru Could we, even a couple of decade back, imagine that a media magnate, that too a foreigner, would play a role in determining the development destiny of India? 531 Indian South Africans The Durban riots of 1949 between Indians and Africans have haunted Indian-African relations in South Africa ever since. Understanding the causes of the riots may provide a clue to the contemporary dilemma of the Indian South Africans. 543 Sleeping Watchdog Government audit in India has been held in high esteem. Why then is there such enormous fraud and waste taking place everywhere in government? 533 Hitkari House 284 Shahid Bhagatsingh Road, Bombay 400 038 Phones 2616072/73 Grams Econweekly Editor Krishna Raj Senior Assistant Editor Padma Prakash Assistant Editor Rustam Singh Editorial Staff Cleatus Antony, Prabha Pillai Gautam Navlakha (Delhi) Circulation A S Shetty, B S Sharma Advertisement Manager S G S Subramanian Manager K Vijayakumar EPW RESEARCH FOUNDATION C 212, Akurli Industrial Estate, Kandivli (East)

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