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The Riddle of Savings

are of 'dubious origin', 'ruined and adventurous offshoots of the bourgeoisie', Vagabonds', 'discharged soldiers', 'discharged jailbirds', 'escaped galley slaves', 'swindlers', 'mountebanks', 'lazzaroni', 'pickpockets', 'tricksters'; 'gamblers', 'maqueareaus', 'brothel keepers', 'porters', 'Hterati', 'organ-grinders', 'rag-pickers', 'knife grinders', 'tinkers', 'beggars'. It is pointless to complain that this description is a little too much; social reality is social reality. A dynasty-based system operates on its wits; it needs a social base of support; the support comes from such specimens as Marx meticulously describes; decrepit literati, for example, university professors or burnt-out poets, are as much a part of this base as are procurers and professional goons. Throughout the month of November, the nation's capital was chock-a-block with the presence of these elements who sustain the ruling party; it leans on them, and they in turn derive their livelihood from it. It should not therefore surprise that, sooner or later, they come to be formally represented on the highest echelons of the nation's administration. The level of culture the union home minister has provided evidence of during his recent performance in the Lok Sabha is that of the social base on which the dynasty depends; his thoughts and modes of expression are, in other words, the truest reflection of the state of the party which bears the flag of the dynasty In any epoch, the ideology of the ruling classes emerges as the leading ideology. The culture of the ruling classes does too. It has, in our country.

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