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CENTRAL AMERICA- Broad Coalition against US Domination

CENTRAL AMERICA Broad Coalition against US Domination Firduus Jhahvala THE ongoing conflict in Central America in general, and Nicaragua in particular, is a good example of how the Third World is rapidly heading towards a confrontation with the First, The conflict also involves East and West and has its internal roots in each of :he Central American societies. Currently, the conflict has reached a new high. While- Central America was no more than the sleepy backwaters ruled by small oligarchies that depended on the US, the conflict was indirect: The Somozas of the region made sure no one reared his head high enough to challenge the existing order; Yet, behind the Somozas was Uncle Sam, ready to step in should his surrogates tatter, although this was not necessary more than once or twice each decade, Our central theme is that the existing order in Central America has spent itself to the point where it can no longer maintain itself in power with only occasional support from the US, involving it more and more directly in its affairs; that is, a movement towards a direct clash between the progressive forces of the region and the U.S. This clash between the dominant Northern power and the South takes different forms: overt and covert, governmental and insurgent. Moreover, it includes the entire range of human activity from society to politics to economics to culture. Still, the basic issue seems to be simple enough: What form of life is preferable for the region? On the one hand, the US and its allies want the existing order to be reinforced with marginal reforms. On the other hand, a broad coalition of groups and classes want a different order, free of US domination and liberated from oligarchic control of their lives. The US and its allies have the money and the forces of repression, while their opponents are an important majority in certain areas and potentially an overwhelming one in the region as a whole. Thus, the forces in conflict arc well entrenched.

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