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Task for Andropov s Successor

Task for Andropov's Successor GPD 'ANDROPOV ruled the Soviet Union as barely for fifteen months. Besides, for nearly six months he was ill. Effectively, therefore, the Andropov administration lasted much less than a year. It is obvious that one cannot speak of Andropov in the same terms as one would of Brezhnev or Khruschov. Both these men left an impact on the Soviet Union and the world. Khruschov had an ebullient rusticity about him. Much as Mao Zedong tried to dismiss him as a revisionist and so on, there is no gainsaying the fact that he was easily the most likable man that ever ruled in Moscow, Stalin was stern and of course the much maligned man. He was maligned by everybody. From those for whom the God of communism had failed to those who saw the Orweillian nightmares of 1984, everyone in the West thought of him as a monster. Since 1956 even for the Soviets he is an unmentionable name. The name index at the end of selected works of Lenin published in Moscow has quite a few lines on M N Roy, The same index reters to Stalin as Stalin, Joseph Vissariono- vich (1879-1953). The paragraph on Trotsky is quite long. As for Stalin it is all silence. The man was born in 1879 and died in 1955. Khruschov would be luckier, one imagines. He would get at least four lines in the collected works of Brezhnev if ever they are published. It is Khruschov's sense of humour which made him such an unforgettable and unmalignable character. The Chinese criticism of him was certainly right. At the same time Khruschov's laughter seemed to keep him at a distance as it were from the Khruschov who was being criticised in the columns of the People's Daily.

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