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Metals and Minerals-Irrational Pricing

on the other. The blast has confirmed our status as comparable to that of Attlee's England. But even this may be an illusion, sheer make-believe. Attlee's England was not starving. Indira Gandhi's lndia is. You cannot play power politics on empty stomachs. So you take a little delight in an 'achievement' here and an 'achievement' there. As for the rest, use terror if necessary. It was Baudelaire who once said of some people that they "cultivate their egos with delight and terror". With the nuclear explosion the Indian elite has done just that India-Bangladesh Relations Sharing Farakka Waters THE joint declaration of the two Prime Ministers as well as the trade and long-term economic agreements initialled afresh at New Delhi between the governments of India and Bangladesh, are so much fluff. The four so- called 'joint' ventures emerging out of the agreements have been talked about for more than a year now. India was already committed to set aside close to Rs 50 crores worth of resources for the fertiliser, cement, and sponge iron plants; clinkers for the cement plant are merely a minor annotation. Similarly, right from January 1972, talks have pro, ceeded back and forth on measures to prevent the smuggling of jute and other essential commodities across the border: sentiments expressed last week are, therefore, a reiteration of past ones. At various official and ministerial levels during the past two years, resolutions have been passed recommending concerted action for raising the unit value of jute in the world market; no concrete follow-up steps have been evident. The notes on trade arrangements initialled by the two Commerce Ministers contain a review of the progress of the trade plan entered into last year. Apart from a formal expression of hope that henceforth the performance would be better and movements either way would pick up, the ministers have no further tidings to convey.

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