Ambedkar in 2021, Episode 2: What Methods Did Ambedkar Use to Create Transformative Change?

In this episode, we speak to V Geetha about Ambedkar and Periyar's thought, as well as Ambedkar's views on Savarnas, fraternity, and the state.

Thanthai Periyar and B R Ambedkar shared several similarities in their analysis of Indian society. However, they held different views on the nation-state, and women's sexuality, among other areas. V Geetha joins us to discuss Dr Ambedkar and Periyar's thought. She also details Dr Ambedkar's views on fraternity, political change, Savarnas, the law. Dr Geetha is a feminist historian and translator who writes in English and Tamil on gender, caste, education and labour. She has worked on the Tamil Non-brahmin and anti-caste movements, and on feminist practices in the Indian context.

She has published several articles in EPW, and we will discuss two: "Of Whales and Wheels: Buddhist Lessons in Democracy" and "Invitation to Practise Social Fellowship." Also, do read Geetha's article "Ambedkar and Periyar’s Intellectual Comradeship," published by Forward Press


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