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Casteist habits, prejudices, and privileges often glide smoothly over national boundaries.
Recent assembly elections test the resilience of India’s federal set-up.
The deceleration in consumer prices to within the upper tolerance threshold of 6% in the last two months of 2022 came as a major relief. Consumer prices had persistently overshot the threshold in the...
Ironically, installing rule by manipulation is likely to be counterproductive.
The administrative response to student suicides remains managerial at best and indifferent at worst.
The state must cultivate more parks to ensure greater social and environmental cohesion.
Passenger traffic has fallen sharply as the railways prioritise high-end travel over ordinary passengers.
Giving a rhetorical name to a scheme does not always ensure a change in social reality.
A supply-side response to the consumption slump will further constrain a sustained recovery.
Gains on the gender front must now be extended to other disadvantaged groups and laggard states.
State budgets continue to support the macroeconomic recovery even as state fi nances deteriorate.
Only an inclusive approach in the higher education sector can facilitate the transition to a knowledge economy.
A sustained economic recovery requires that the huge growth deficit in industry be reversed.
The inefficacy of crop insurance in times of growing weather volatility can be debilitating.


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