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The state must ensure an equal and just response towards all acts of social suffering.
The government continues ignoring the increasing demand for health services and the shortage of doctors.
Dreamscapes that provide an alternative to right-wing politics cannot be imagined but need to be realised.
Climate-resilient development should be commensurate with social justice.
Erratic fiscal and monetary policies tend to slow down growth and fuel inflation.
Belligerence must halt and give way to a peaceful resolution to the Russia–Ukraine conflict.
The new NOS guidelines adversely affect the higher education aspirations of marginalised students.
Does the trade pact with the United Arab Emirates indicate a policy shift towards a more liberal trade regime?
It is urgent to protect labour rights and ensure minimum wages and social security benefits.
Launching a central bank digital currency should be the prerogative of the Reserve Bank of India.
Higher allocations for a few infrastructure sectors will not kick-start a virtuous cycle of investments.
Improving agriculture incomes and boosting consumer demand must be the top priorities.
Reforestation or afforestation should aim at providing carbon sink and a much-needed biodiversity.
The huge interstate disparities and glacial pace of improvement further add to the problems.
Caste consciousness imposes moral limits on preferential hiring in the mid-day meal schemes.


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