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In granting EUA to vaccines, both urgency and adherence to protocol should be taken into consideration.
The Wistron workers’ protest turning violent is indicative of deeper fissures in industrial relations.
Can the superstar provide traction to majoritarian politics in the Dravidian heartland?
Legal intervention in a democratic society should promote freedom of choosing a life partner.
The government intervention puts Indian agriculture in the grip of corporates.
Only greater stability and absorptive capacity can ensure productive use of funds.
Economic planning requires well preparedness to meet the challenge of a better growth rate.
Ownership of banks by industrial houses will cost the economy dearly.
Using ordinance to protect freedom of expression from foul speech may result in damaging decent communication.
Only an empowered regulator can help boost production and cut coal imports.
Biden’s policy of the “return to the normal” would be inadequate to decisively defeat Trumpism. */ */
Only a generous award by the Fifteenth Finance Commission can restore fiscal balance. */ */
The assessment of the new military alliance should be informed by its implications for Indian armed forces.
The fiscal stimulus is too little to have any major impact on the economy.
The new alliance is reconfigured around the prospect of democratic politics, but its realisation may face challenges.


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