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The employment quota for locals is politically repugnant and also vexing for the economy.
While ensuring the accountability of big tech, the IT rules must not stifle free speech.
Governmentalising schemes in favour of a privileged caste defeats the principle of justice.
Mass privatisation and monetisation of public assets will push the country into yet another crisis.
The National Democratic Alliance has now consolidated policies for the unbridled growth of corporates.
Convoluted petrol and diesel taxes only fill central coffers at the expense of consumers and states.
Arrests represent the current dispensation’s tendency to use coercion over deliberation.
Democratising of financial trading fails to recognise the skewed character of finance markets.
And a trickle-down approach to reinstating livelihoods will mean a K -shaped recovery.
Farmers’ refusal of the Supreme Court committee marks an astute recognition of democratic values.
Migration has helped India weather many a crisis and also ushered in new challenges.
Consolidation of the white-supremacist far-right poses a persistent threat to Democracy.
With core inflation still sticky, any significant dip in consumer prices is very unlikely.
Work from home cannot be isolated from other types of work taking place in the home.
The sharp export slump will only weigh down on any incipient recovery.


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