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Mitigation and adaptation with positive synergies can effectively lead to low-carbon pathways.
Foodgrains alone will not help tackle the problems of undernourishment .
Rather than increasing work hours, the focus should be on improving labour productivity.
A dignified life for the elderly population needs an urgent cultural, political and policy reimagination.
Despite surging demand and larger carbon emissions, India can reduce its dependence on energy imports.
An unconditional establishment of peace must proceed further towards ensuring justice.
The compounding effect of food security and nutrition enables an empowered society.
Competing international currencies will help reduce dependence on the dollar.
Enhanced climate fi nance and technology transfer along with inclusivity remain critical issues.
Improving labour market outcomes for disadvantaged social groups must get top priority.
It is disappointing that women’s reservations are not being implemented immediately before the 2024 elections.
The decline in savings will now make domestic investments more dependent on external funding.
Funding the huge investments needed to tackle the global challenges, requires a tripling of the disbursements.
Electoral reforms ought to uphold the democratic values of federalism and an active citizenry.


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