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Conflict in Resource Management for Ecosystem Services

Water supplied free to urban centres imposes costs on the upland watershed. The paper analyses the conflicts and costs of such provision of external ecosystem services in a case in Yunnan, China. It argues that in order to internalise the external costs of such water supply, there should be a locally embedded system of forest management. It further argues that pricing of these external ecosystem products, like water, is needed to enable local communities to balance the benefits from their sale against costs and other benefits.

Women as Witches and Keepers of Demons-Cross-Cultural Analysis of Struggles to Change Gender Relations

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Struggles to Change Gender Relations Dev Nathan Govind Kelkar Yu Xiaogang This paper examines the processes which led to the change in gender relations and the establishment of patriarchy. Specifically, the authors look at some events which are evidence of the struggle between women and men in the course of establishing men's domination. The phenomena analysed are those of 'dain' among the Santhal and Munda in Jharkhand, India; the 'pippa' of the Dai in Yunnan province of China; and the Chao Pu Xi among the Naxi and Du among the Mosuo, also in Yunnan province.

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