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Indian Planning in the Eighties

An attempt is made in this paper to (a) estimate employment in the Indian economy in 1977-78 (the base year of the Draft Plan, 1978-83); (b) estimate the relationship between output growth and employment growth on a sectoral basis; (c) examine the employment potential of the development effort on certain 'reasonable' assumptions of alternative growth possibilities in the future; and (d) introduce considerations of alternative regional development categories in the agricultural sector and of institutional change, particularly land reforms, and examine their impact on the generation of employment potential.

Planning Policy and the Fifth Plan

This paper is an attempt at discussing two major policy questions in the Fifth Plan, namely, employment generation of the type that raises the income levels of the indigent sections of the population and the problem of growth with the self-sufficiency objective. Towards the end of the paper certain recent critiques of the model of the Fifth Plan are also evaluated.

Utilisation of Industrial Capacity with Agricultural Growth

Agricultural Growth A Numerical Exercise for Short-Run Policy Yoginder K Alagh Jayashri Shah Excess capacity in the industrial sector in any particular year may be ascribed to a number of remans, including industrial relations and management bottlenecks. This paper is concerned with the purely economic constraints on' capacity utilisation.

Indian Industrialisation Fact and Fiction

Yoginder K Alagh This paper first summarises briefly the well documented and very depressing story of the economic administration of industries in India.

Regional Industrial Diversification in India

Yoginder K Alagh K K Subrahmanian S P Kashyap Regional planning has to be concerned with evolving the optimum pattern of inter-regional allocation of resources given the diverse production potentials and demand characteristics of the regions. The purpose is to achieve the best rate of national growth consistent with the requirement of inter-regional equity.

Industrial Planning-Past Experience and Future Tasks

Past Experience and Future Tasks Yoginder K Alagh A specific argument against the industrial planning policies of the last three Plans is that they have led to declining productivity in the industrial sector. This paper argues thai existing evidence does not conclusively prove this contention. Indications of contrary evidence exist, hut further work is necessary before final judgments can he made.


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