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Towards an Indian Agenda for the Indian Left

Towards an Indian Agenda for the Indian Left Yogendra Yadav THIS note is addressed to all those who identify with one or another form of the Indian left today: the communist parties, 'naxalites', various 'socialist' groups or oth ers of independent left/socialist inclination It raises a question of common and currently pressing concern: what is to he done? What direction should socialist politics take in today'' India? The note is not so much an answer to this question as a preliminary statement of some general observations relevant to such an answer. Beginning with a very brief assessment and diagnosis of what ails the Indian left today, it goes on to spell out something of a new agenda for the politics of socialism in India. The purpose is to begin a non-polemical and meaningful debate on what may be some fundamental questions relevant to the present political and ideological dilemma of the Indian left.


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