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The Mystery of Mau Mau

 the troubles it had itself fomented during its days in opposition. It is not without significance that none of the dominant parties in the U F particularly wanted the portfolio of Labour which, in consequence. went to Subodh Banerjee, a no- minee of the Socialist Unity Centre, very much a minority group with few unions under its control. Banerjee's approval of gheraos 'within limits' has led to a certain amount of confusion, for the limits are hard to define and even harder to explain to workers who resort to gherao. Nijaligappa's assurances on quieter labour in Mysore must have sounded as music to the ears of investors in Calcutta, who in some instances have been badly harassed by gherao; but labour in West Bengal, which is by no means all Bengali, is in fact not nearly as unreasonable as is sometimes made out. Nijalingappa may be wise to count his capitalist chicken when they have come home.
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